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Venture capital
to accelerate business growth

Long-term financing of up to EUR 10,000,000 for investments, acquisitions and other growth opportunities.
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About product

Venture capital and business angel investments are suitable for businesses that want to grow their businesses rapidly. Such investments in the equity of the company allow to attract also further bank financing, as well as state support grants that together ensure business a significant capital base for realization of large ambitions. The process of receiving venture capital financing is longer than for other financing products of Capitalia and can take 1-3 months. Financing is approved based on careful analysis of the historic and budgeted financials, as well as business operations of the company. For such investments, we will typically seek co-investors through our crowdfunding platform or cooperate with other venture capital funds or private investors. The following are examples of venture capital financing application:
  • Expand manufacturing facilities, acquire new equipment
  • Buy-out shares of the business from other owners
  • Start production of a new product
  • Expand or start operations in export markets

Principal terms

Acquire financing on the following principal terms:
Financing amount From EUR 50,000 to 10,000,000
Term Typically from 3 to 5 years
Shares in the company Typically from 10-49%
Repayment of financing Selling of the business together with the founders
Documents for evaluation Depending on each specific case
Fees In accordance to our Pricelist

Frequently asked questions

What is venture capital?

Venture capital is investment that is made in equity capital of a company. Such investment does not carry fixed interest rate, but investor gains profit by selling the shares of the business in the future. In order to facilitate growth of the company’s value, venture capital investors seek opportunities to actively help with contacts, advice and other resources. Typically venture capital funds will want to sell their investments in 3-5 years from the investment date.

What is business angel investment?

Business angel is a private individual that provides financing to a company in return getting equity share in the business. Such private investors typically invest amounts of up to EUR 50,000 and get involved in relatively early development stages of the company. Capitalia conducts business angel investments together with reputable and professional private investors that after investment like to take active development role in the companies, helping them grow. Additional information on business angels and venture capital as well as practical suggestions on attracting such financing can be found in our guidebook on alternative finance.

Can venture capital replace bank financing?

Venture capital and business angel financing does not replace but complement bank financing products. Often investment from a venture capital fund is a critical factor that persuades also bank to provide loan to business and to improve terms of such financing. Also, venture capital is suitable for businesses that are not yet profitable and hence often don’t qualify for bank financing.

How fast is the process of getting venture capital?

In the process of providing venture capital investment Capitalia will want to not only study historic finances of the company, but also get to know management team, understand future strategy and market in which the business operates. As a result, evaluation procedure for venture capital financing can take up to 3 months. In situations, when capital for business is required sooner, please ask about other financing products of Capitalia.

Can newly founded companies get venture capital financing?

Unfortunately, no. Venture capital is suitable to companies that have operating history and existing revenue track from the clients. Companies in idea and early development stage can apply for various state funded grants and support instruments.

Sample clients


Attracted financing with a goal to supply chemical laboratory with necessary equipment to continue provision of outstanding services


Started using Capitalia invoice purchasing services in order to release working capital and ensure faster cash flow


Increased working capital and purchased further goods in preparation for a new season


Before start of the active season attracted financing to order supplies from Asia for assembly of bicycles

Thomson solutions

After participation in an international fair, company ordered blinds from new suppliers in Germany and Spain, offering greater product range to its customers

Take a look

Expanding the current business, company opened a new store in the centre of Riga that specializes in retailing branded eyewear


In order to expand the operations, company purchased additional equipment and materials for providing repair, restoration and pain works

Valtera Restorāns

With additional financing this restaurant in Riga refurbished and complemented its kitchen with new and modern equipment

Taste Caps!

Company that specializes in production of sweets from fruits, berries and nuts attracted capital to cover costs in low season
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