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Pay your invoices later
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Simple and modern factoring that allows to receive money for the issued invoices faster, while paying for your invoices later.
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About product

Invoice purchasing allows businesses to sell issued invoices. As a result, you will receive money for the provided service or sold goods instantly, not waiting for long invoice due dates. Even more importantly, invoice purchasing can be anonymous - your client does not have to be informed about the use of such financing product. Clients use our invoice purchasing in order to free up their working capital and grow the businesses without cash-flow limitations. The following are examples of applications of our invoice financing:
  • Offer your clients longer payment dates
  • Pay sooner to your suppliers and get discounts
  • Increase revenue and grow your business
  • Pay your invoices later


We are purchasing more than 100 invoices every week


Of our clients use this product repeatedly

45 days

For so days we on speed-up invoice payment

How does it work

Receive money for your sold goods or services instantly and don't wait for 30 or even 90 day payment terms. By selling invoice to Capitalia, money is received in the same working day:

Principal terms

Acquire financing on the following principal terms:
Financing amount Limits of up to EUR 200,000
Term For invoices from 15 to 90 days
Overpayment Total service charge from 1.5% for each 30 days*
Amount of purchase Sell up to 100% of the invoice amount
Evaluation documents Balance sheet and bank statement
Fees In accordance to our Pricelist
* Lowest charges are provided to companies with the most stable cash flows and highest risk scoring. Average monthly charge for each 30 days of financing (as of August 31, 2017) is 2%.

Frequently asked questions

What is invoice purchasing?

Invoice purchasing is new financing product that allows businesses to easily manage their cash flow and working capital. Any issued and unpaid invoice can be sold to Capitalia, receiving up to 100% of the invoice amount in the same working day. Furthermore, if you have received an invoice whose payment term you would like to delay, such invoice can be passed to Capitalia that will make payment on your behalf.

Why choose invoice purchasing?

Invoice purchasing can ease your financial planning. To get this financing, typically no additional collateral is required. Invoice purchasing is a simple analogue to factoring and credit line, where business can tap-in whenever necessary.

Is there an evaluation fee for an application?

No, evaluation of invoice purchasing application is free of charge. Independently of the eventual decision on the financing, costs regarding evaluation of an application are covered by ourselves. Furthermore, our commissions for the service are simple and transparent in accordance to our Pricelist.

What kind of invoices can be sold?

We purchase invoices that are payable by any company in the Baltic States, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Norway and Germany. Invoice purchasing is not suitable for late invoices. Namely, we purchase invoices only of well paying customers.

What is the maximal invoice payment term?

Any invoice with payment due dasy of at least 15 days and not more than 90 days can be sold to Capitalia. There is no set smallest accepted invoice size, buta minimum EUR 20 processing fee will be applied to each invoice.

Can one company sell multiple invoices at the same time?

Yes, in line with our invoice purchasing agreement an unlimited number of invoices can be sold to us at the same time as long as the set credit limit (stated in agreement) is not exceeded.

What happens if client does not fully pay the invoice?

Capitalia offers invoice purchasing with regress clause, which means that seller of the invoice has to take full responsibility of the payment of the invoice by its client and will cover the invoice amount if the client doesn't. If your client does not pay for the invoice in the due date or pays the invoice partially, the remaining sum is calculated by Capitalia and passed for payment to the seller of the invoice.

How to submit recommendations or complaints?

We are happy to receive your recommendations and will carefully review any complaints about our work. Please address such letters to email address atsauksmes@capitalia.lv or call to our provided telephone number. All complaints are reviewed by the manager of the company and are resolved within 7 days.

Sample clients


Attracted financing with a goal to supply chemical laboratory with necessary equipment to continue provision of outstanding services


Started using Capitalia invoice purchasing services in order to release working capital and ensure faster cash flow


Increased working capital and purchased further goods in preparation for a new season


Before start of the active season attracted financing to order supplies from Asia for assembly of bicycles

Thomson solutions

After participation in an international fair, company ordered blinds from new suppliers in Germany and Spain, offering greater product range to its customers

Take a look

Expanding the current business, company opened a new store in the centre of Riga that specializes in retailing branded eyewear


In order to expand the operations, company purchased additional equipment and materials for providing repair, restoration and pain works

Valtera Restorāns

With additional financing this restaurant in Riga refurbished and complemented its kitchen with new and modern equipment

Taste Caps!

Company that specializes in production of sweets from fruits, berries and nuts attracted capital to cover costs in low season
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