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Business loan
to finance investments and working capital

Tailored loan to businesses of up to EUR 1,000,000 for financing working capital or investment needs.
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About product

Business loan is our most popular product and it is great addition to financing provided by traditional banks. Also this financing is suitable in situations, when bank credit is not yet accessible to the business. Many of our clients appreciate simplicity and elasticity of this product. Business loan is suitable to companies in almost any industry and can have any use of the financing, while repayment schedule can be tailored to the cash flow needs of the company. The following are examples of application of our business loans:
  • Get discount from supplier by ordering in bulk
  • Open new representation office or store
  • Invest in development of new webpage or internet shop
  • Acquire new equipment for expansion

25 000

Average issued financing amount (EUR)


Of our clients use our financing repeatedly

14 months

Average term of our issued loans

Prinicpal terms

Acquire financing on the following principal terms:
Financing amount Loans up to EUR 1,000,000
Term Short and long repayment terms from 3 to 36 months
Overpayment Overpayment rates from 8%*
Amortisation Gradual loan amortisation or repayment at the end of term
Collateral Typically for sums up to EUR 25,000 without collateral
Documents for evaluation Balance sheet and bank statements
Fees According to our Pricelist
* Lowest interest costs are provided to companies with the most stable cash flows and highest risk scoring. Our average overpayment is 12% (as of August 31, 2017). Overpayment is sum of all loan repayments in the schedule over the issued financing amount. Average annual interest rate is 22% (as of August 31, 2017).

Frequently asked questions

In which situations is business loan suitable?

Capitalia's business loan is medium term loan to businesses for financing working capital and investment needs. Our financing is particularly tailored for small and medium sized businesses and it is generally more accessible than loans from banks and other financial institutions. For further information on alternative financing for companies and other useful tools for businesses, please see our resources section.

Why choose our financing?

Our financing is typically used in addition to bank financing and in situations where bank financing is not suitable or available. For example, our loans are often used when business loan is necessary fast and for short term. With our sole focus on servicing small and medium businesses, the financing process of Capitalia is significantly shorter than in other institutions, while necessary documentation and approval process is simplified. We can provide financing to companies in almost any industry, except as noted in this exceptions list.

Is there a fee for evaluation of an application?

No, loan evaluation is free of charge. Independently of the eventual decision on the financing, costs regarding evaluation of an application are covered by ourselves. In case of positive decision, we will ask client to cover collateral registration (if applicable) and other fees in accordance to our Pricelist.

How is the interest rate for the loans determined?

Issue fee and interest rate are determined based on evaluation of each financing situation. Our proprietary credit risk scoring model is based on over 100 characteristics that determine the financing amount and terms for each of the clients. For repeat clients we offer repeat financing at better terms.

For what terms are loans available?

Financing for working capital is provided for term of up to 1 year while for investment projects - up to 3 years. Irrespective of the agreed loan term, clients can always and without penalties repay the financing prior to the loan maturity date. In situations, when financing is necessary for short term, we suggest clients to check our invoice purchasing product. While for financing loan term investments, clients will find useful our venture capital investments.

Can loan be repaid before the agreed loan term?

Yes, our loans can be repaid before the term agreed in the loan agreement and we don’t charge any early repayment penalties. However, we will request that the interest amount due for the current month will be paid in full.

Can one company simultaneously have several loans from Capitalia?

Yes, clients who have active loans with Capitalia can apply for and receive additional financing to the same or related business. Every client has approved credit limit within which additional financing is freely available. To apply for additional financing and see available credit limit, please visit our financing platform.

Is Capitalia loan suitable for companies that have other debt obligations?

Yes, Capitalia accepts and evaluates loan applications from businesses that already have loans from other credit institutions, for example, commercial banks. Our financing is one of the "courses" in the "financing menu" of businesses and is often used in addition to bank loans.

What to do in the case of non-standard loan requirements?

In non-standart situations we urge clients to contact our client managers and discuss the specifics of the situation. Capitalia has designed and issued a number of nonstandard business loans and we are able to react quickly and be flexible to a client’s requirements. Furthermore, we are able to help clients to raise financing from other sources like venture capital, banks or business angels in situations, when we ourselves cannot provide the full capital amount.

How fast does the loan start to amortise?

Loan amortization and interest payments will typically start in the first month following the receipt of the loan. If required, we may agree on a tailored loan repayment schedule that can include a limited grace period on repayment of the loan’s principal amount.

How to submit recommendations or complaints?

We are happy to receive your recommendations and will carefully review any complaints about our work. Please address such letters to email address atsauksmes@capitalia.lv or call to our provided telephone number. All complaints are reviewed by the manager of the company and are resolved within 7 days.

Sample clients


Attracted financing with a goal to supply chemical laboratory with necessary equipment to continue provision of outstanding services


Started using Capitalia invoice purchasing services in order to release working capital and ensure faster cash flow


Increased working capital and purchased further goods in preparation for a new season


Before start of the active season attracted financing to order supplies from Asia for assembly of bicycles

Thomson solutions

After participation in an international fair, company ordered blinds from new suppliers in Germany and Spain, offering greater product range to its customers

Take a look

Expanding the current business, company opened a new store in the centre of Riga that specializes in retailing branded eyewear


In order to expand the operations, company purchased additional equipment and materials for providing repair, restoration and pain works

Valtera Restorāns

With additional financing this restaurant in Riga refurbished and complemented its kitchen with new and modern equipment

Taste Caps!

Company that specializes in production of sweets from fruits, berries and nuts attracted capital to cover costs in low season
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