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With more than 300 venture capital, loan or mezzanine capital investments under our belt, we help our clients to attract the most suitable type of financing.


In cases when the project does not meet our requirements in terms of size, field or other investment criteria, Capitalia is often willing to help with potential investor attraction. We analyze client’s financial situation and future expectations, in order to suggest the most suitable sources of funding.


Commercial banks usually are the least expensive source of financing. Given our experience in the banking industry, we are very familiar with the credit assessment policies of commercial banks, therefore, we can help our clients to prepare and present their business plans in the most advantageous way. However, commercials banks are fairly cautions and conservative in their decisions, which often means they are focusing only on large enterprises with good collaterals. Bank loans are a lot less flexible in terms of repayment as well.


If a company does not meet the standardized commercial bank criteria for a loan, Capitalia can offer assistance with applications for various state support programs, designed to aid the developing businesses. For example, loan programs, credit guarantees or mezzanine investments offered by the state-owned development finance institution ALTUM. Capitalia offers help with the necessary application documents, including business plans, various forms and cash flow forecasts.


New and quickly growing businesses, who often cannot offer any collateral or a stable payment stream, can find venture or mezzanine capital investments to be the most suitable source of financing. Capitalia specialists have substantial experience in the venture capital field and understand very well how the funds operate, what are their priorities, investment policies, evaluation principles and processes. Capitalia can help to attract the venture capital investors and to secure the most suitable terms. Moreover, our specialists can do the evaluation of the company, participate in the contract discussions, suggest the most suitable capital structure and develop a business plan, to be submitted to the venture capital funds.


Private investors (also called business angels or angel investors) are a potential alternative to the traditional corporate investors. Their investments usually fall within the range of EUR 10 to 100 thousand. Often Business angels offer not only capital, but also valuable advice and partner network. The financing is most commonly structured as a loan or a combination of debt and equity. Capitalia has access to more than 300 private investors and can manage the investment process through all of its stages, including legal structure and agreement terms.


Capitalia has closed more than 50 M&A, capital attraction and financial advisory deals in the Baltic States.

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