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Simple financing
for companies

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Simple financing for businesses

Financing for working capital and investments from EUR 1,000 to EUR 10,000,000


Decision in one working day, minimal documentation


We yes YES more than other financial institutions


Over 10 years we have funded more than 1000 companies in the Baltics

More than 1000 satisfied clients



Attracted financing with a goal to supply chemical laboratory with necessary equipment to continue provision of outstanding services


Started using Capitalia invoice purchasing services in order to release working capital and ensure faster cash flow


Increased working capital and purchased further goods in preparation for a new season


Before start of the active season attracted financing to order supplies from Asia for assembly of bicycles

Thomson solutions

After participation in an international fair, company ordered blinds from new suppliers in Germany and Spain, offering greater product range to its customers

Take a look

Expanding the current business, company opened a new store in the centre of Riga that specializes in retailing branded eyewear


In order to expand the operations, company purchased additional equipment and materials for providing repair, restoration and pain works

Valtera Restorāns

With additional financing this restaurant in Riga refurbished and complemented its kitchen with new and modern equipment

Taste Caps!

Company that specializes in production of sweets from fruits, berries and nuts attracted capital to cover costs in low season

Funding from NASDAQ stock exchange

Capitalia is represented in NASDAQ Baltic corporate bond market

Since 2014 Capitalia bonds are traded on the NASDAQ Baltic bond market. We are the first and only alternative finance company for businesses that is represented on the Baltic stock exchanges. Our listed bond issue of EUR 3 millions is complemented by other closed-issue bond emissions.
Unlock all your business opportunities
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